Wojciech Daniło


Serial enterpreneur, haskeller, programming languages design freak. Passionate about visual programming, former senior R&D technical director in the biggest film studios in Europe. Loves dogs, hates Java Script.

Marcin Kostrzewa


Software developer and Theoretical Computer Science student. Passionate about mathematics and type theory. Can't make it through the day without his favorite performance enhancers: caffeine and burgers.

Adam Szlachta


Haskell and functional programming enthusiast. Also a shogi player, musician, philosopher, photographer, traveller (east Asia fan) and juggler.

Kamil Figiela


Enterpreneur, hacker and DJ in the leisure time. Passionate about secure and highly available infrastructures. Reportedly, can write code without coffee.


Drop us a line at hello@luna-lang.org.

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